Maoluo Gan

My research work focused on the natural products chemistry, including the isolation and structure determination of new bioactive natural, genome mining, and genetic manipulation of bioactive natural product biosynthesis. I have developed skills in the isolation and purification, structure elucidation, organic synthesis of natural products through my MSc and PhD. After that, my research centres on the screening of new antibiotics with the activity against drug-resistant-pathogens, particularly against tuberculosis, discovering new antibiotics from marine derived microbes, especially water-soluble antibiotics. As the traditional process of discovering new bioactive natural products is generally long and laborious, I am interested in the methodology of dereplication of microbial natural products by combing chemical LC-UV-MS and bioinformatics methods. In addition, I have a deep interest in the genetics and genetic manipulation of bioactive natural product biosynthesis.

Maoluo Gan’s CV