Cristina Pubill Ulldemolins

As a highly motivated organic/computational chemist, I am particularly interested in the synthesis/biosynthesis, synthetic modification and computational modelling of biomolecules. During an interdisciplinary PhD in organic and computational chemistry and MSc in Catalysis, I obtained solid experience in designing, modelling and understanding organocatalytic and metal-mediated catalytic transformations. As a Postdoctoral Fellow at the ITbM, Canada and Japan, I acquired further expertise in organic synthesis by working on the preparation of bio-active compounds. Within the multidisciplinary Goss group at St Andrews, my research focuses on developing mild-aqueous methods for new-to-nature bio-metabolite functionalization while learning about reprogramming biosynthesis. Recently, I was awarded with an EPSRC-IAA Fellowship to start to make progress on my independent research project on the modulation of bioactive peptides through an iterative experimental and computational approach.

Cristina Pubill Ulldemolins’ CV