2017-2019 IBIOIC Synthetic Biology Award with Ingenza and Lucite £200K PI
2017-2018 Syngenta £10K PI
2015-2017 Marie Curie IIF €183,455 PI
2015-2016 IBioIC with Ingenza £96K PI

H2020 EMBRIC       (Marine Research)

Linking across Europe to develop best practice in the

discovery of bioactives from the marine environment

€376,262 / €9,041,611 CoI
2014-2019 ERC consolidator €2M PI
2014-2017 FP7 ERA IB: Biochemistry and applications of halogenases to antibiotic and agrochemical development £442.5K CoI
2013-2017 GSK Case Award ~£90K PI

EU Integrating Marine Biotechnology Bluegenics Leading WP6 on development of marine bioactives

And analogue generation

~ €375K / Euro 6M CoI
2013-2014 Impact Acceleration Award £21K PI
2012-2015 Syngenta Case Award ~£90K PI
2012 Biochemical Society studentship ~1.6K PI
2011-2014 BBSRC (ranked 4thst/~120 at panel) £350K PI
2011-2013 Marie Curie IIF Euro 210K PI
2011-2014 BBSRC           (ranked 1st/~100 at panel) £387K PI
2010-2014 MRC CASE award/Aquapharm £90.06K PI
2010 Nuffield Summer Studentship £1.4K PI
2010-2011 BigC £50.893 CoI
2009-2011 Leverhulme     F/00204/AO £111.5K PI
2009-2012 MRC Millstein in collaboration with Dr Matt Hutchins (UEA) £394.32K CoI
2009-2015 INTERREG UEA, Southampton, Caen, Rouen £1183.174K CoI
2008 Royal Society Tanzania Network Grant £10K PI
2008 Nuffield Summer Studentship £1.4K PI
2007-2010 BBSRC   BB/E008984/1 £259.424K PI
2007-2010 EPSRC   EP/E000894/1 £55.948K PI
2007-2009 Leverhulme F/00204/AF £93.898K PI
2003-2007 Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship £145.240K PI
2003-2007 EPSRC/Biotica CASE £70K PI
2006 SGM Summer Studentship £1.68K PI
2005 Nuffield Summer Studentship £1.3K PI
2004 Pfizer Summer Studentship £1.8K PI
2004 SGM Summer Studentship £1.68K PI