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Danai Gkotsi

I am a PhD student with a background in molecular biology/bioinformatics and a research focus on discovering and developing enzymes, particularly halogenases, as tools for synthesis. Through my studies I am gaining expertise in molecular biology, enzymology, biocatalysis, analysis and assay design.

Danai Gkotsi’s CV

The First One-Pot Synthesis of l-7-Iodotryptophan from 7-Iodoindole and Serine, and an Improved Synthesis of Other l-7-Halotryptophans

A simple and scalable one-pot biotransformation enables direct access to l-halotryptophans, including l-7-iodotryptophan, from the corresponding haloindoles. The biotransformation utilizes an easy to prepare bacterial cell lysate that may be stored as the lyophilizate for several months and utilized as a catalyst as and when required.

Smith, DRM, Willemse T, Gkotsi DS, Schepens W, Maes BU, Ballet S, Goss RJM

Org Lett 2014, 16 (10) 2622-2625